About user protection and the concept of warranty in theme:

The process of top-up is completely safe and takes place through Paypal without going through a broker or another party.

The site guarantees that you get work corresponding to a “go live” for the amount you pay.

The direct view of the work is exactly what you will get, so be sure to preview it, deal with it and try it.

Technical support for the business is provided by the owners and not provided by the site team.

Some developers and technical business owners offer technical support and some are not committed to it. Be sure to ask them if you are interested before purchasing work.

The site is not responsible for any personal communication between you and the developer or the business owner.

In the event of any real error or defect in the work, the site guarantees that it will be fixed by its owner.

The template you are purchasing does not include the contents of “preview or live” but you will get a raw template.

Neither the site nor the provider is obligated to install the template or work that you have purchased.

There is no refund for the template or artwork according to the Digital Products Policy.